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Tap into Creativity,
Dive into Entertainment!


Welcome to the TapTap World

TapTap is a revolutionary decentralized entertainment platform designed to connect creative talents with the Web3 world, providing users with the next generation of entertainment experiences.



Creative Videos

Covering various themes such as comedy, music, dance, food, technology, travel, sports, and more, allowing creators to showcase their creativity and talent.

Live Streaming

Watch a wide range of live events, including music concerts, sports events, gaming tournaments, lectures, and social gatherings, with real-time interactivity.


Offering various styles and genres of animated works, including Japanese anime, American cartoons, European animations, and more.


Collaborating with major studios and independent filmmakers to provide a wide range of movie productions across genres.


Discover games of various genres, including action, adventure, puzzle, role-playing, and more.

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Merchandise Marketplace

TapTap's merchandise marketplace is a vibrant hub where creators and merchants can showcase and sell physical and digital goods related to their content, providing additional avenues for monetization and supporting favorite creators.


Advertisement Distribution

Advertisement distribution on TapTap is entirely user-centric, respecting user choices on whether to view advertisements while offering rewards and benefits for those who choose to engage.


Advertisement Marketplace

TapTap's Advertisement Marketplace fosters equal collaboration and negotiation between project owners and influencers, providing a transparent environment for mutually beneficial partnerships.

TAT Token

TAT is the utility and governance token of TapTap. It serves as the universal currency on the platform, facilitating transactions, content purchases, merchandise sales, and community governance.

Join Our Community

TapTap emphasizes community engagement and a collaborative environment. Users can interact with creators, support them through TAT token-based tipping, and participate in platform governance.

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